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The Mid-Morning Dump: ISU Basketball Off-Season Never Sleeps

The just keeps coming.

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Iowa State Athletics

ASK YOUR UNCLE RANDY. You've got questions and the Big Guy has answers. Lazard, Campos, Cap City roster spots, expansion, basketball recruiting and even Royce White?

CYCLONE FEUD DAY 2. Featuring stops in the dirty Sioux and Okoboji.

HALLICE COOKE HAS A NEW HOME. Hallice is transferring to Nevada (not the one just down Highway 30).

3x a charm! #GoWolfPack

A photo posted by Hallice Cooke (@hallywood_01) on

NEW HELMETS. In case you missed the big news, our own Graphik broke the story on the football team's new lids.

CAP CITY BITCH, CAP, CAP CITY BITCH. While Prohm was non-committal about if or how much some of his guys would play in the YMCA Capital City League this summer, Naz Long was a little more forthcoming.

Around the Country

SUPER SCIENTIFIC SURVEY. Some might say that the results from this unofficial poll are worthless, but I think it pretty much nailed it. And guess what? Nobody hates Iowa State.

RIGHT IN THE KISSER. Jordan Spieth is better at golf than you, and to prove it he hits a golf ball and pops a marshmallow into his mouth?

BALL BUSTER. If you make Lebron mad, he's coming for your balls.

TRUST THE PROCESS. Former General Manager, Sam Hinkie tried to tell you it was going to work and you fired his ass anyway. Then it worked. Here's the full results from last night's NBA Draft Lottery if you're into that sort of thing.

SOUVENIR CUP. How do you celebrate your major league shortstop getting suspended eight games for decking Jose Bautista? With a souvenir cup of punch from your minor league affiliate of course!

USA>CANADA. Bron-Bron and Kyrie balled out last night and rolled the Raptors 115-84. This lead to some American chest-puffery and some angry Canadians.

FEELIN' THE BLUES. The Sharks evened the series against the St. Louis Blues last night in shutout fashion.

OUR OVERLORD IS FAMOUS. Ted Flint and his merry band of drunken bandits kicked off their summer media podcast interview series with none other than our gracious overlord Fitzy on the line. You can listen at the link, find it on the WRNL podcast feed later today and/or subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or whatever your app of choice to hear the rest of the series.