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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/23/16

Romello White goes with ASU while we wonder about Russell Westbrook's clothing and text message signatures.

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Iowa State Football

THE PERFECT FIT. Jacob Park talks about how the younger coaching staff in Ames was a great fit for him.

SLAM THE BRAKES. Randy Peterson warns us to be cautionary on Big 12 expansion talks.

NEW SAFETY VISIT. Cincinnati area safety TreSean Smith is considering a visit to Jack Trice.

Iowa State Wrestling

HALL'S BACK! Earl Hall was granted another year of eligibility, giving Iowa State three returning All-Americans.

Iowa State Basketball

WHITE GOES WITH ASU. Romello White prefers Arizona State ladies to Steve Prohm's pleated pants, apparently.

Around The Country

RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE. Draymond Green "unintentionally" kicked Steven Adams directly in the nuts.

PARDEW DANCE. Alan Pardew thought his team might have won the FA Cup, and celebrated sexily.

WHO SAYS AMERICA DOESN'T CARE ABOUT SOCCER? Because the New York derby featured some sweet brawling. Either that, or just New Yorkers looking for a reason to fight.

WAIT, YOU'RE SAYING AARON RODGERS CARES WHAT FANS THINK? Fan writes dumb complaint about hard counts, Discount Double Check Man puts him on blast.

COME ON, LEBRON. When you snap your head back after getting hit by your own teammate, you might be overdoing the flopping.

HITTIN 54 ON THE GUN. Reds pitcher Alfredo Simon whipped out a 54 mph eephus pitch.

JAPANESE GAME SHOWS ARE GREAT. Can two soccer pros score a goal on a team of 55 children? Spoiler alert: Yes.

WORST LUCK EVER. This Mexican Soccer League own goal doesn't get much more unlucky.

XHL NEXT! The Penguins have an HBK line, so they got Shawn Michaels to do an intro for them.

DRESS LIKE RUSS. For a boatload of money, you too can look like Russell Westbrook.

THIS IS EITHER COOL OR STUPID. MAYBE BOTH. Darryl Strawberry uses an emoji for his last name, which is cool, but using a signature is less cool.