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The Mid Morning Dump: Cleveland Falls, NBA Doesn't Care About Adam's Balls

The NBA decided not to suspend Warriors player Draymond Green for game 4, Cleveland dropped another to the Toronto Raptors, NFL players like weed, and Bartolo Colon is very old.

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Iowa State Football

IN-WOMB SCHOLARSHIPS UP NEXT? Matt Campbell's staff caused a bit of a stir by offering a scholarship to eighth grader Jesus Machado. Uncle Randy say's it's all just a part of the recruiting game. .

Iowa State Basketball

FRESHMAN! FRESHMAN! Check out this article by CYHusker and RevDizz examining the potential winning formula in recruiting high school freshman.

SIMEON, YOU NEED TO DO EVERYTHING BETTER. Steve Prohm was asked what Simeon Carter needs to do to earn more playing time, and the answer was basically everything. Just do better.

SEC! SEC! SEC! Once again the Big 12-SEC challenge will be played in the middle of conference season, with the Cyclones taking on Vanderbilt on the road.

Around the Country

THE NORTH REMEMBERS. OK, I'm not sure what the North specifically remembered, but the Toronto Raptors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers again to even the series at 2-2.

Also, this happened. Poor Kevin Love.

WHO IS THIS BISMACK BIYOMBO FELLOW? Read this article to catch up on his breakout season.

WAIT, MELO IS HAPPY ABOUT SOMETHING? Carmelo Anthony is apparently excited to play for Jeff Hornacek's fast paced offense, marking one of the few times Melo has been excited about something Knicks related in years.

I FEEL LIKE THE NBA MADE A MISTAKE. The NBA decided not to suspend Draymond Green for kicking Steven Adams' package, and the former head of discipline says it was definitely suspension worthy.

YOU MAKE THE CALL. The NBA says Green's Dustin Hogue-like kick is a different and lesser case than Dahntay Jones' incident, who earned a one game suspension. Is the NBA playing favorites? (Hint: Yes)

NEVER RETIRE, BARTOLO COLON. Today is Bartolo Colon's 43rd birthday, and here are 43 reasons why you should love this out of shape pitcher that emulates middle age men all across the globe.

PLUS COLON IS VERY GENEROUS. Apparently Colon is too old to worry about giving up stolen bases, so he basically gave second to Ryan Zimmerman.

NO MORE BEANING IN THE MLB? Josh Donaldson doesn't like the MLB's culture of beaning players who show off at the plate. Don't want to get hit? Maybe stop being so rude at the plate.

WHO KNEW CHEW COULD GIVE YOU CANCER? Tony Gwynn's family is suing a tobacco company for his death, which was from cancer caused by chewing tobacco. Who knew tobacco caused cancer?

BREAKING: NFL PLAYERS LIKE WEED. Eugene Monroe, a tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, wrote a letter urging the NFL to get rid of their ban on Mary Jane. Josh Gordon fully supports this idea, probably.

NFL HAS BIGGER PROBLEMS THAN POT. Apparently, the NFL tried to influence who conducted studies on brain injuries and concussions, backing only those researchers who were either sanctioned by the league, or where pro-NFL. Yikes.