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Yes, it's a real thing.

Iowa State Athletics

ROUND FIVE. Cyclone Feud Day Five is LIVE.

WHAT THREE? Bobby La Gesse updates you on the three wide receivers that stood out during the spring.

OUT OF THE WILDERNESS. Matt Campbell is doing his best to lift the Cyclones out of football irrelevancy.

GIVING BACK. The football team spent time over the weekend helping out at the Special Olympics.

Around the Country

WARRIORS... WAIT, WUT? Oklahoma City extended their series lead to 3-1 over Golden State.

GOT A CANNON. You know things are going the Thunder's way when Steven Adams is firing passes like this.

MINI STEVEN ADAMS. Check out this dead ringer.

Lil Stache Bro in Thunder Alley.

A photo posted by Oklahoma City Thunder (@okcthunder) on

AT LEAST THERE'S THAT... NOT. Klay Thompson thought the Warriors had a silver lining with 40 assists during last night's game. Turns out he was just reading incorrectly.

ANOTHER KIND OF WARRIOR. If you're a fan of American Ninja Warrior, head over to SB Nation's new site dedicated to following the popular TV competition.

FOOTBALL PREVIEWS. Bill Connelly's Big 12 football previews roll on. Yesterday, he took a look at the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

JUST WANTS A CHANCE. A wide receiver plans to stand outside the Patriots' stadium all day, every day until they sign him.

FLAMING GUITAR. You know the flaming guitar guy from Mad Max: Fury Road? These guys built a real-life guitar that shoots flames.