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The Mid-Morning Dump: Raptors? More Like R.I.P.tors

Cleveland is responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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Iowa State Football

QB TO WR FOR DLC? In what seems to be a weekly ESPN "oh it's time to write about Iowa State again" column, you can read about how moving from QB to WR might be best for DLC and ISU. Any other acronyms we want to use?

TALKIN' BOUT THE CLONES. In this past week's Shutdown Fullcast, the mothership breaks down five other teams that are indeed, not Iowa State. So why is this here? Because they talk about the Clones and poke fun at the Hawks. It's May, what did you expect?

Iowa State Basketball

TRANSFER U. Prohm and Co. were among the first to reach out to former McDonald's All-American, Marcus Lee, who announced he was withdrawing from the NBA Draft and transferring from Kentucky. Smart and smart.

OTHER TRANSFER U. Former Cyclone forward Brady Ernst has announced he'll be playing ball at Indian Hills Community College next year, best of luck Brady. As is becoming commonplace, WRNL (CYHusker) had the scoop long ago:

BIG MAN ON BIG MAN. CF's resident tall person, Jared Stansbury, looks ahead to see how the graduate transfer duo of Merrill Holden and Darrell Bowie might fit in for Iowa State next season.

MATCHMAKING. Uncle Randy would love to see another big name home team added to the non-conference basketball slate for next season. If not? Cincinnati is as good as it gets. Also, screw the Big 12/SEC January thing.

Around the County

CLEVELAND ROCKS! An Eastern Conference Finals game happened last night, but you didn't miss much if you couldn't catch it as the Cavaliers killed the Dinosaurs.

CLEVELAND FOUND ITS QUARTERBACK! And it's not RGIII. Sorry Browns fans, this is still a basketball thing:

WORST PART OF THE RAPTORS NIGHT. Was that they were stuck in Cleveland. This guy was not about to let them forget it either.

ENOUGH BASKETBALL, DUMMY. Ok fine, let's try some baseball. Even on a day the Twins won, someone had to ruin it by going and writing how the Twins are unquestionably the saddest team in baseball. Ouch.

MAYBE HOCKEY IS HAPPIER. No it's not, because Hockey will never be happy when teams in California and Florida are winning. We're halfway to a Florida/California Cup Finals after the San Jose Sharks dismissed the St. Louis Blues yesterday and won the Western Conference Finals on their way to their 1st Stanley Cup appearance. COME ON PITTSBURGH, YOU'RE OUR ONLY HOPE.

EVERYBODY CAME BACK TO COLLEGE YESTERDAY. The NBA Draft pool got a bit smaller yesterday as it seemed like everyone announced their return to the college ranks, including Maryland PG Melo Trimble, who figures to be Monte Morris' chief competitor for the Bob Cousy Award.

CROOT FAVORITES. Ever wonder what a high school football recruit thinks of the important questions like Nike or Under Armour? Best fast food? Which school has the best uniform swag? Well, if so, here you go!

WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. And if you're an NBA referee, that's OK man.

TRADING PLACES. Harrison Barnes is fully embracing Oakland and the locals are embracing the Ames, Iowa native.