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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cincinnati to the Big 12? Again?

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Iowa State Football

REMAKE ME. Bobby LaGesse has the story of how really creative things like a chair and projector helped Iowa State land a graduate transfer from Duke.

TIME SERVED. Will we get to see a full career from Mike Warren or could he test the waters early in hopes of breaking the 2-year NFL Draft drought? Uncle Randy considers the possibility.

Iowa State Basketball

PASSERBY. In case you missed yesterday's big basketball news, Hallice Cooke will look for his next opportunity and transfer from the Iowa State basketball program.

Around the Country

WHIRLWIND. The popular topic of conversation yesterday seemed to center around Big 12 expansion...again. Because Bob Bowlsby "has super accurate and not at all speculative data," that lays out the ideal league in the current college football climate.

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE. Cincinnati is doing Cincinnati things again and positioning themselves to join the Big 12 Conference.

MAYDAY. Jerry Sandusky made an appearance in court yesterday to appeal his conviction. Can't we just throw away the key on this guy?

TWO COINS. Leicester City won the Premier League yesterday and it could net the small club nearly $220 Million. There is no American sports comparison to how unlikely this title is, but ESPN found some bettors that took the Foxes at 5,000:1 odds. (For reference a Kim Kardashian presidency was once 1,000:1)

HOW NOW. The end of last night's Spurs-Thunder game was a total mess. The mothership has a more thorough discussion on what happened, just don't ask Billy Donovan for his thoughts.

HERE WE GO. Draft grades are boring and generally dumb to look at before any draft pick plays a single down, but I'm all in favor of draft grading via emoji.

EVERYBODY CLAP. Here's the 10 best dunks from the first round of the NBA Playoffs.