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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/9/16


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Iowa State Football

ANOTHER WIDEOUT. JuCo receiver Matthew Eaton brings some size to Iowa State.

Iowa State Basketball

BIG BALL OPTION. Merrill Holden's signing gives Steve Prohm actual lineup options.

Around The Country

TOP FOUR CANDIDATES. Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News reports on what the Big 12 is thinking for expansion candidates.

BUT NOTHING IS THE RIGHT MOVE FOR NOW. Bobby La Gesse writes that for now, the right move is for the Big 12 to do nothing.

TYRONN IS THE SOLUTION. How did Tyronn Lue unlock the Cavaliers' potential?

OH SOCCER, YOU'RE SO CORRUPT. Michel Platini's ban was reduced rather than overturned, so the bribe-taking UEFA president is resigning.

THE FAN MAP. Reddit's CFB made a fan map for college football.

ARE WE NOT DOING PHRASING? Hubie Brown gushes over Kyrie Irving's ability to jerk off defenders.

COLON BOMB! Bartolo Colon hit a homer over the weekend.

WORST WAY TO GO. Zac Blair hit himself in the head with his putter, and got DQ'ed as a result of the bent putter.

PENN STATE GETS WORSE. Breaking down the sickening new allegations against Penn State.

WADE HATES CANADA. Dwyane Wade didn't respect the Canadian National Anthem. Here's some punishment suggestions.