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The Mid-Morning Dump: Pouring BBQ Sauce on Your Shirt and Eating It Edition

Iowa State Football

DOCTOR OCTAVIOUS. Butler Community College cornerback, Octavious Morgan, will visit Ames on June 18. He's attracting attention from a number of D-I schools.

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS AUSTIN FLYNN. He's right here in this interview with Rob Gray!

STANDING OUT. What it takes to catch the eye of Campbell and staff at Iowa State football camps.

Iowa State Basketball

HE'S BERRY HAPPY. The long-awaited promotion finally happened yesterday as Neill Berry was promoted to assistant coach.

FIRST TEAM ALL-AMERICAN. Monte Morris is on the (preseason) list according to NBC Sports.

CANADA CARLETON. Bridget Carleton is set to play exhibition games with Canada's senior women's national team in June.

Around the Country

ALL FIVE. Clayton Kershaw has had five walks all season. FIVE. That's incredible... So let's take a look at all of them.

BIG BABIES. Jim Harbaugh and Nick Saban don't agree on satellite camps. Water is also wet and the sky is blue.

REVENGE BAT. Pretty sure this is the Iowa State of runs to first base.

HYPED LIKE CURRY. Wanna get pumped up like Stephen Curry? Watch this old viral video!

SPEAKING OF BBQ... A Cavs fan drenched a shirt in BBQ sauce and ate it after the Warriors beat the Thunder.

DINOCROC. Terrorizing a golf course near you (at least if you live in Florida).

TAPE FACE. Just watch. Trust me.