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The Mid-Morning Dump: Another Legend Passes

Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe passes away, Campbell's recruiting machine keeps going, and Baylor is still doing really dumb things with its players.

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Iowa State Football

HARRIS GONE. As we broke down yesterday, middle linebacker Jordan Harris has elected to transfer from Iowa State under the graduate transfer rules.

ANOTHER VIEW. Bobby LaGesse of The Ames Tribune has his own breakdown of Harris' departure and it sure sounds like he didn't live up to the staff's expectations. There's more scuttlebutt behind pay walls at a few other boards, so check that out if you have a membership.

NO HYPE TRAIN HERE. Lindy's and the Sporting News both picked Iowa State to finish 9th in the conference in 2016.

THE BIG BOARD. Jared Stansbury has a great write up highlighting some of the staff's biggest targets in the 2017 class.

GENIUS BOY. Matt Campbell has a brilliant recruiting strategy according to Uncle Randy, and it involves taking a page from Fred Hoiberg's chapter on graduate transfer recruiting.

NOT COMPELLED, YET. Steven Leath doesn't feel compelled to expand in the Big 12 right now, but is listening to all options.

Iowa State Accolades

SOFTBALL SCHOLAR-ATHLETE. Specialist Aly Cappaert was named a Big 12 Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

AA X7. Shot put superstar Christina Hillman earned her 7th All-American honor this week at the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships.

Around the Country

RIP GORDIE. Hockey legend Gordie Howe has passed away at age 88. He leaves behind quite the legacy as the former face of the sport and his SportsCenter commercial wasn't too bad either:

HEADING BACK TO CALI. The San Jose Sharks scored early and survived an onslaught from the Penguins thanks in large part to goalie Martin Jones to cut the Penguins' lead to 3-2 and head back to San Jose.

THANKS FUZZ. Pittsburgh rounded up all the stray couches so they couldn't be burned in the event of a Game 5 win. Nice jinx guys.

NO OLYMPICS FOR YOU! EVER! The Stanford rapist has been banned from USA Swimming for life.

DOUBLING DOWN ALWAYS NEVER WORKS. Baylor kicked a defensive tackle who might have committed a sexual assault out of school and illustrated how bad their Title IX department is in the process.

JUST ONE CALL. A rape survivor and Texas fan writes an open letter to Charlie Strong and suggests a better way for sexual assaults to be reported. If you read one thing today make sure it's this.

DRAFT RESULTS. The MLB Draft 2016 results are right here if you're in to that kind of thing.

NCAA, NFL ARE HYPOCRITICAL. WE ARE NOT SURPRISED. The MLB Draft process shows how hypocritical the NFL and NCAA are with college football players.

EURO 2016. How to watch and what games you need to watch this weekend.

LONGEST. NAME. EVER. Florida is adding Steve Spurrier's name to their stadium name, which makes it a convoluted mess.