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The Mid-Morning Dump: Scratch and Sniff Edition

Germany's soccer coach scratched and sniffed the part of his body that you don't want to be caught scratching and sniffing on television.

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Iowa State Football

TWO OFFERS. Iowa State extended offers to a pair of prospects from Nebraska at the West Iowa/Omaha showcase on Saturday.

FUTURE HEAD MAN. ISU running backs coach Louis Ayeni is on the fast track to becoming a head coach.

MIKE BORE-EN. Mike Warren is a big bore off the field, but he likes it that way.

Iowa State Basketball

NIANG UPDATE. With the NBA Draft fast approaching, Georges Niang has worked out for a number of teams, including the Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors.

OH, CANADA! Naz Mitrou-Long and Melvin Ejim are both trying out for the Canadian National Team.

MAYOR = BRAIN. Fred Hoiberg is being inducted into the CoSIDA Academic All-America Hall of Fame today and Randy Peterson writes about why that's a big deal.

BERRY BIG RAISE. Newly-appointed assistant coach Neill Berry is getting a $80,000 raise... Not bad.

Iowa State Track & Field

ALL-AMERICAN. Jhoanmy Luque finished fourth in the triple jump at the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships to become a three-time All-American.

Around the Country

FLY, PENGUINS, FLY! Pittsburgh won the Stanley Cup last night over San Jose, and Sidney Crosby won the 2016 Conn Smythe Trophy.

TOO MANY GROIN SHOTS. Draymond Green was given a Flagrant 1 for his scuffle with LeBron James in game 4, and that means he has received enough flagrant fouls to be suspended for game 5.

LOVE DOESN'T LOVE STEPOVERS. Kevin Love, teammate of LeBron, thinks stepover moves like the one LeBron did above are disrespectful.

MORAL OBLIGATION. Charles Barkley says Draymond Green had a "moral obligation" to strike LeBron in the balls.

STREAKER. This dude streaked onto the court in game 4 with "TRUMP SUCKS" written on his chest.

DINGER! Aaron Rodgers' bat flip game is on point.

GROSS. Germany's soccer coach reached into his pants, touched his man parts, and smelled his hand. All caught by TV cameras, of course!

NOT DAD SHOES. Despite being mocked relentlessly by the internet, Steph Curry thinks his new shoes are "straight fire."

WALK-OFF GRAND SALAMI. UC Santa Barbara stunned Louisville with a walk-off grand slam to reach the College World Series.

"MY CAREER" MODE. It's coming to the FIFA video games.

BAT GIRL. No, not Batman's female counterpart... A bat girl from LSU fielded a fair ball in a super regional game and threw it into the stands.

MARINERS! Our old Adopt-a-Team friends did a Ken Griffey Jr. tribute by drafting Griffey's son Trey, who doesn't play a lick of baseball.

MJ THE HUSTLER. Michael Jordan used to bet Scottie Pippen on jumbotron races, but MJ knew the outcome beforehand and Scottie never picked up on it.