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The Mid-Morning Dump: Binge Drinking Shirley Temples Edition

Joel Embiid is familiar with the binge drinking concept, but just can't get it quite right.

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Iowa State Men's Basketball

LOOKING BACK. Chris Williams takes a look back at Steve Prohm's successful first year at Iowa State.

NEWMAAAAAAAN! Iowa State is reportedly interested in Malik Newman, a 6'3" guard that recently withdrew his name from the NBA Draft while while simultaneously announcing his transfer from Mississippi State. He would have to sit out next season.

HITTIN' THE WEIGHTS. That's how Monte is spending his offseason according to Uncle Randy.

Iowa State Women's Basketball

BIG WITH THE 8TH GRADERS. Bill Fennelly got a commitment from an 8th grader yesterday. What were you doing with your life in 8th grade?

Cyclones in the Pros

BABBIN' ON 'EM. Chris Babb has re-signed with his German team where he averaged 10.3 points, 3.8 boards and 3 assists per contest.

GO GET 'EM MEL! This shouldn't come to a surprise to Cyclone fans anywhere, but Melvin Ejim is putting NBA teams and the Canadian National team on notice with his recent play.

Iowa State Football

I CAN'T WAIT FOR HIT TAPES. In the meantime, we'll have to settle for teases like this from the Cyclones.

ONI OMOILE AMA. I'm no gamer, yet I still enjoyed this thoroughly entertaining and insightful Reddit AMA with former Cyclone offensive lineman, Oni Omoile. If you are a gamer, you'll love it even more.

SATELLITE CAMPS ARE WORKING. And Iowa State is extending offers all over the place, including this 299 pound 2017 offensive tackle recruit.

Around the Country

VIVA LAS VEGAS! The NHL will reportedly be the first of the four major US sports to set up shop in Las Vegas, could the NFL be close behind?

GO FOR TWO. Big Ben wants the Steelers to go for two after every touchdown. Perhaps onside kicking every time and never punting are next?

THE GODFATHER. No, not Larry. LeBron has taken to watching The Godfather 6 times this post season. Somehow this counts as sports news.

ALSO IN STUPID SPORTS NEWS. Joel Embiid, yes that one, apparently drinks 3-4 pitchers of Shirley Temples per day.

CURB IS BACK. YES! Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm are headed back to HBO for a 9th season. Season 8 last aired in 2011.

OTHER KIND OF FOOTBALL. The English Premier League has released its fixture list for the upcoming season and the defending Champions have quite the start ahead of them.

NOAH'S ARK IS HEADED OUT. Joakim Noah looks to be out of Chicago after 10 years, but he doesn't blame the Bulls locker room situation on Dreamy Fred.

BAYLOR, WHAT IN THE ACTUAL... I'm running out of words to say as more and more comes from the situation in Waco. This is unbelievable, or maybe the worst part is, it's completely believable.

11 FOOT GATOR. That's what was found creating the stench in a Fort Myers storm sewer drain. Unrelated, the guy in the picture seemed to use the force to lift the gator out.