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The Mid-Morning Dump: LeBron Channels Jordan

Jimmy Butler was almost a Cyclone, U-S-A, U-S-A!, and LeBron continues his tear.

Iowa State Football

TALKIN' SHOP. Offensive Coordinator Tom Manning sits down with John Walters and the CyCast to talk about his relationship with Matt Campbell and his offensive philosophy.

Iowa State Basketball

THIS WOULD HAVE ENDED POORLY. Jimmy Butler told Bill Simmons on his podcast that he was almost a Cyclone, which would have given Greg McDermott five future NBA players to fail with.

USA Soccer

WINNER WINNER. The Americans defeated Ecuador 2-1 last night to move on to the semi-finals of the Copa America. Here are the two goals the Americans needed to move on.

BROOKS BEATS EM BACK. They did on the back of Jon Brooks, who's doing more than his part to hold down what had previously been a leaky back end for the Americans.

JONES IS DONE. Jermaine Jones received a red card for taking a swipe at an Ecuadorian player and will now miss the rest of the tournament, something with which manager Jurgen Klinsmann disagrees with.

NBA Finals

LBJ PICKED UP HIS GAME. The man may be omnipotent after going for back-to-back 40+ point games and is one of five players in NBA history to do so.

CHANNELING MJ. This block on Steph Curry and the ensuing mean mug would have made MJ proud.


HE STILL KEEPS IT IN PERSPECTIVE. Craig Sager had the privilege to work his first NBA Finals game and LeBron made note of that in his postgame interview.

Around the Country

SHOULD THE BIG XII KICK OUT BAYLOR? Stewart Mandel tackles this question over at Fox Sports.

BRILES BEARS DOWN ON BAYLOR. Art Briles rips Baylor and claims that they wrongfully terminated him. I imagine his case will turn out to look at lot like McDonalds food going through a juicer.