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The Mid-Morning Dump: Is JR Smith Still Partying?

The Cavs have returned to Cleveland the conquering heroes, and JR Smith has returned... shirtless?

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Iowa State Football

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Iowa State Basketball

NAZ LONG IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER. Even though its only the Cap City League, Naz Long looks better than ever, and his hips feel just fine/do not lie.

Around the Country

GUESS WHAT, THE TWINS ARE LITERALLY THE WORST. The Twins 2016 season has gone about as well as the Bay of Pigs invasion.

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CAN THE LOSERS STILL WIN? Though the Warriors got Crying Jordaned Sunday night, they are focusing on winning the next series: free agency.

POUR SOME WATER ON ME. Apparently an Arizona baseball player needed a shower, so his teammates gave him one. In the dugout.

THE HAPPY COUPLE MADE THE KISS CAM. The Cleveland Indians put up a picture of LeBron kissing the Larry O'Brien Trophy during their Kiss Cam.

TROLL LEVEL: HALL OF FAME. LeBron is apparently also the king of trolling. Witness.

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BIG 12 NETWORK ON THE WAY? It appears that the beloved Longhorn Network has cut studio shows from their lineup... Sign of things to come?

Now then.... You came for the Dump, but stayed for JR pics, so lets get to it.

JR NEVER WEAR A SHIRT AGAIN. While an emotional JR Smith in his postgame interview tugged at the heart strings, I'd say cheered up pretty quickly.

Shirt on.

Shirt off.

Still off.

Shump lost his too.

JR back in Cleveland, still shirtless.