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The Mid-Morning Dump: It Gets Messi for USMNT Against Argentina

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Iowa State Football

FOOTBALL GLADIATORS. Garrett Kroeger takes a shot at pointing out the best player on each team on ISU's schedule this fall.

#WINNING ALREADY. Matt Campbell is winning in Ames before he's even played a game.

WHAT ARE WE GETTING? Taking a closer look at the two recruits who committed to Iowa State over the weekend.

PARK HYPE IS BUILDING. Jacob Park is apparently turning heads so far this summer.

DOMINANT DEMOND? An All-Big 12 season could be in store for Demond Tucker.

Iowa State Basketball

GIVING BACK. What better way for Georges Niang to give back to the community than to hold his own basketball camp?

ANONYMOUS INSIGHT. One of my favorite columns of the year has arrived! Scouts anonymously give their two cents on most of the NBA Draft's top prospects. Here's Georges Niang's paragraph for those of you who'll only go there for that:

Georges Niang, 6'9" senior forward, Iowa State: "He's a guy that coaches will love. He's undersized and he's a terrible athlete, but he's a basketball player. He has as high a basketball IQ as anybody in this draft. Can really shoot and you can run offense through him on the elbow because he can pass it. I don't know that he'll get drafted. He should play in Europe for 15 years and make obscene money."

Around the Country

SOCCER PROBS. The USMNT got blown off the field by Argentina with a final score of 4-0 last night in the Copa America semifinals. And by the way, Messi is really really really good.

NEW SADDEST SPORTS TOWN. Cleveland won a title, so which town should be the next to hold this distinction?

JUST LIKE US. The Cavs are celebrating their NBA Title by playing beer pong, of course.

SHAQ'S THE MAN. Definitely a national treasure.

DON'T BLINK. Or you'll miss this incredibly fast Formula 1 pit stop.

"TRUST ME." D'Angelo Russell kills it in this new commercial from Foot Locker.