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SURPRISE! Abdel Nader Drafted by Boston Celtics 58th Overall

You're lying if you saw that coming.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knew Georges Niang had a shot at getting drafted this year. Abdel Nader? Well, if you would have bet money on him getting drafted, I probably would have told you that you might as well have thrown dollar bills straight into a trash can.

However, the Boston Celtics selected the athletic forward at #58 overall on Thursday night, with Nader agreeing to be stashed in the D-League to start his career.

This is the first year that Iowa State has had two players taken in the same draft since 1995, when Loren Meyer and Fred Hoiberg went #24 and #52 overall, respectively.

Congrats to both Nader and Niang on being selected!