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The Mid-Morning Dump - Brexit Was A Referendum On Drafting Nader & Niang, Right?

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Iowa State Basketball

CANADIAN TEST. Naz Mitrou-Long talks about testing his hips out against the Canadian National Team.

"WE HAD HIM HIGHER". Pacers GM had glowing things to say about Georges Niang.

NOW DO SOMETHING WITH IT. Randy Peterson says it's now Nader and Niang's turn to do something with the chances they've been given.

Iowa State Football

BUILDING TRUST. Matt Campbell used trust to start the foundation of a promising Iowa State program.

Around The Country

MIKE RILEY IS A GOOD GUY... NOW. An absolute must-read story about Mike Riley's eventual reconciliation with the victim of his Oregon State players back in 1998.

RELEASES FOR SOME! Five Baylor players have received their releases.

CUZ OBAMA SAID SO. The President tells Tyronn Lue to relay the message for J.R. Smith to go put a shirt on.

LIKE THIS ONE, PERHAPS? You too, can look like post-Championship J.R.!

MANY DRAFT PICKS, WILL DISAPPOINT. The Celtics had a lot of picks. Their fans didn't like them.

WHAT HAPPENS TO EPL? On the heels of Brexist, what happens to English soccer?

OH, WELL THAT'S GROSS. Umpire Paul Emmel's head was split open by an errant bat.