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The Mid-Morning Dump - Messi And Friends Are Done

They really don't want to go to Russia, huh?

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Iowa State Football

ANOTHER COMMIT. An in-state offensive lineman committed to Iowa State over the weekend.

KEEPING UP WITH THE BAMAS. Randy Peterson says that Matt Campbell is keeping up with the SEC in terms of recruiting acumen.

Iowa State Basketball

NO SHOCK ON MALE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR. Of course it's Georges Niang.

LACK OF INTEREST IS MOTIVATION. Deonte Burton received no love from the NBA when he declared, so he's using that as motivation.

YOUNG MAKING AN IMPACT. It's just the CCL, but Solomon Young is proving he might find a niche on the team this year.

Around The Country

MESSI RETIRES (SORT OF). Maybe the greatest soccer player of all time has left the international game, along with possibly 7 other teammates, after another loss in the Copa America final.

GREAT REFFING AGAIN! For all the entertainment Copa America has provided, the final was the cap on a tournament of poor reffing.

THE SALVATION FROM BORING. The first rounds of Euro 2016 have been unbelievably boring, but maybe this Swiss bicycle kick will help spice things up.

VOLLEYBALL IS FUN! This point will make you want to watch more volleyball.

JAMES HARDEN SEES WHAT HIS OWN DEFENSE IS LIKE. Destroying kids during his camp.

FUTURE CREEP. Kid tries to sex up the entire home audience with his eyes during the College World Series.

NOPE. Jason Kipnis shuts down rumors of his own sickness.