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The Mid-Morning Dump: This Is Fine, Rio Olympics Edition

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Iowa State Football

WHO KNEW THE OFFENSIVE LINE WAS SO IMPORTANT? If the Cyclone's want to find success on the field this fall, it all starts with Tom Manning and the offensive line.

WHO LEFT THE SIREN ON DANG IT. Jordan Ulmer, a prep defensive back from Michigan, chose the Cyclones on Monday morning, making him already the 15th member of the 2017 class.

Iowa State Basketball

EVERYBODY HERE GETS A TRIPLE DOUBLE. Naz Mitrou-Long and Nick Weiler-Babb both dropped triple-doubles in Sunday's Cap City League action.

NIANG SUSPENDS POLITICAL CAREER. Check out this fun piece from the Indy Star highlighting Georges Niang's short political career in Ames.

Around the Country

R.I.P. PAT. The greatest women's basketball coach ever passed away at the age of 64 today.

MAYBE THE NBA DOES CARE. The newly announced US Olympic Basketball Team stopped in NYC to meet students, and some kids apparently worship the Durantula.

FRED NOOOOOO. Fred Hoiberg took one on the chin from the Internet today, as he was confused about which Lopez brother now plays for the Bulls. Regardless, Brook Lopez will complement Marc Gasol perfectly.

SAN DIE-CRYING JORDAN? Some beautiful human being over at ESPN created a Sports Misery Index, and San Diego is at the top of the list.

OUT OF THE FRYING PAN AND INTO THE FIRER. In a desperate attempt to avoid being eaten by a shark, a fish jumped into a boat to escape. This bold strategy did not pay off for the fish.

CONFIDENCE IS KEY. Rio's governor has gone on the record stating that the summer games in Rio could "be a big failure".  In other news, the sun set in the West last night.

THIS IS FINE. Speaking of Rio, check out what will greet visitors upon arrival to the Olympic host city.

PLUS THIS. Our parent company Vox did a nice little video on what Brazil is trying to cover up.

IF IT IS BROKE, FIX IT. ESPN staff writer Matt Bowen thinks the NFL off season is broken, especially for rookies and players on the fringes of NFL rosters.

POWER RANKINGS, GROSS. The Cubs have been impersonating the Atlanta Braves lately, but still lie atop the pointless useless July Power Rankings, if that's something your care about. Which Cubs fans do.

A BOOK ABOUT THE BLOCK. OK it's not really a book, but check out this oral history of LeBron's block, which was maybe the greatest defensive stand since 101st Airborne dug in at Bastonge.