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Texan Week: The Gary Busey Shark

The Gary Busey shark might be the craziest of all sharks.

What kind of shark can share the stage with Luke Skywalker? This one. What kind of shark can be hand picked by Barbara Streisand to be in the remake of A Star is BornThis one. What kind of shark has such a reputation that he can be in Entourage just playing his crazy ass self? This one. And what kind of shark has those crazy ass chompers?

A Rare Breed: The Gary Busey Shark

Born in wherever the fuck Goose Creek, TX is the Gary Busey shark has the rare distinction of being a crazy ass Texan without any of the "WE'RE FROM TEXAS, WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!" to go along with it.

The Busey Shark was a legitimate actor in his early days, earning an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Buddy Holly in the aptly named The Buddy Holly Story. He went on to have other roles in movies like Lethal Weapon and Point Break. And then he just went batshit crazy.

Late in 1988 the Busey Shark was in a motorcycle accident, and we'll pretend for just a little bit that a shark can ride a motorcycle, the Busey Shark was never the same after the accident. What was eccentric was now crazy and what was a promising acting career was now boiled down to stints like this:

And this:

On second thought, maybe Busey Shark is the most brilliant shark of all and we're just not in on the joke.