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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/6/16

Matt Campbell gets a grad transfer, Iowa State has a racing team, and the Warriors are still flying.

Iowa State Football

FIRST CAMP. Matt Campbell held his first official camp at Iowa State.

NEW WIDE RECEIVER! Jauan Wesley is off the team, but his spot will be filled by Illinois grad transfer Marchie Murdock, who pulled a Tyler Catalina on Texas State.

ON THE ROAD BACK. Mitchell Meyers talks about gaining his strength back after his bout with cancer.

Iowa State Basketball

NIANG WEEK BEGINS. Cyclones.TV is showing all of Georges Niang's greatest hits this week.

CARLETON CHECKS IN. Bridget Carleton is documenting her exploits for Team Canada this summer for

Iowa State... Racing?

NO, IT'S NOT NASCAR. But Iowa State has a racing team, and they talk about it on a podcast here.

Around The Country

TWO AWAY. The Warriors demolished the Cavs last night and are now 2 away from the best season in NBA history.

PRETTY DEAD ON. NBA impersonator hits Shaq's free throws and Steph Curry's shimmy perfectly.

NOBODY CARES ABOUT COPA AMERICA. The soccer tourney that the USA is hosting is really just a cash grab.

BUT AT LEAST HIRE DECENT PA SYSTEM PEOPLE? Chile's national anthem was played for Uruguay.

TAKE THAT, DAD! Klay Thompson takes a shot at his dad's Showtime team.

THAT'S DEFINITELY A SCREENED GOALIE. Or Matt Murray's controller disconnected.

EXTREEEEEEME! POV wingsuiting will make you lose your lunch.