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The Mid Morning Dump: White Helmets Are Finally Here!

The wait is over: the Cyclones will be changing up their uniform combinations this fall, adding an alternate white helmet/all white uniform combination.

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Iowa State Football

THIS IS NOT A DRILL, FOLKS. After much speculation and hype via Twitter, Iowa State announced that they will wear alternate white helmets several times this upcoming season.

WHICH HELMET IS BETTER? You be the judge.


ARTHUR MILLER OR RANDY PETERSON? Uncle Randidly chimed in on Big 12 expansion once more, this time portraying the off-season as a 4 act play. What part does ISU play in all this? Better check out Peterson's production...

Iowa State Basketball

ALL IS WELL, I THINK? For those of you constantly on the edge of the Cyclone basketball cliff, it appears that all of ISU's signees have made it to campus, with the exception of Cameron Lard, who will join the team for the summer in July.

Around The Country

HOCKEY THINGS ARE HAPPENING. If you haven't watched playoff hockey before, then you are truly missing out. And you had better tune in soon, as the Pittsburgh Penguins are only one game away from an improbable run to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup.

IS ANYONE HONESTLY SURPRISED? Former Cleveland Browns GM Ray Farmer places some blame on Cleveland for Johnny "Money" Manziel's flameout to the Browns not being ready for a player like him. Go figure...

BEAST MODE FINALLY SPEAKS. Since his retirement, Marshawn Lynch has come out of his shell, of sorts, and has allowed people to see the real Beast Mode. In keeping with this change, he sat down with SI for a tremendous interview.

RIP KIMBO SLICE. Former MMA fighter/mountain of a dude Kimbo Slice passed away yesterday. I'm sure he's still whooping fools in some backyard up in heaven.

POOR CLEVELAND. Sports fans in the city of Cleveland literally ache for a championship, of any kind, really. LeBron once had "The Decision"? Well, despite his return, Cleveland is stuck with "The Wait".

THIS SEEMS BAD. IS THIS BAD? Sports Authority has asked a federal bankruptcy judge to allow them out of sponsorship agreements with NINE teams, including the Denver Broncos and New York Jets, among others.

LEBRON NEEDS MOAR LOVE (AND IRVING). Shaq's got hot takes, but this one really isn't all that hot: LeBron needs help from the other members of the Big 3.

KINDLY INSERT FOOT INTO MOUTH. Stanford swimmer Brock Turner's father has spoken out about his son's rape case, and his take on the situation is truly disturbing.

THIS JAGUAR HAS RABIES. Jag's coach Doug Marrone wired up is.... interesting?

THAT POOR PINATA. David Ortiz is definitely your Pinata's worst nightmare.