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The Mid-Morning Dump: MLB All-Star Break Blues

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Iowa State Football

SAGE WEIGHS IN. Check out this Podcast from the Cedar Rapids Gazette where Sage Rosenfels weighs in on his playing career and what he's seen from Matt Campbell thus far.

BIG 12 MEDIA DAZE. It starts next week (CMC is up Monday morning), and we might have a few big things to look forward to.

Iowa State Basketball

RIP ROMIE. Romie Orr, the wife of the late Johnny Orr, passed away yesterday, ending a long struggle with Alzheimer's Disease. Never has there been a family more loyal and forever true than the Orrs. RIP.

NIANG GETS PAID (SORT OF). Despite playing only a handful of summer league games (albeit playing well), the Pacers have decided they love Niang (duh) and have offered him a multi-year, partially guaranteed contract.

-Contract details here.

Cyclone Wrestling

AN AMES STAR (FINALLY?) STAYS HOME. Marcus Coleman, a two-time state champion, has decided to wrestle for the big Cyclones.

Around the Country

IOWANS IN RIO WOOT. Jenny Simpson (Webster City) and Shelby Houlihan (Sioux City) have run their way through qualifying, and are headed to the Olympic Games in hell Rio.

THE BIG DONEFUNDAMENTAL. Has retired. After 19 seasons, and 5 NBA championships, Tim Duncan has announced his retirement.

WORTH A READ. A lifer Spurs fan's reaction to Tim Duncan retiring makes for a heartfelt and emotional read.

FAREWELL TIMMY D. There was also some pretty cool reactions from current and former NBA players, and these are probably worth your time as well.

LAST WORD ON DUNCAN. Nobody, and I mean nobody, will miss him quite like The Onion. Seriously. Go to their search bar and type in Tim Duncan.

POKEMON GO > MICHELLE OBAMA? Pokemon GO has become your new favorite fitness app, and has done more to get children off the couch in 2 days than the First Lady did in 8 years (probably).

GO FOR THE POKEMON, STAY FOR THE SPORTS? Apparently sports stadiums are one of the best places to catch Pokemon... As if your significant other needed another reason to not go to games with you.

UFC OMG. So.... UFC is changing hands, and it is literally the biggest transaction in sports history in terms of dollars. And when I say dollars, I mean 4 BILLION of them.

GIANCARLO STANTON. This dude didn't just win the HRD, he damn near broke the thing.

I'M BEING SERIOUS GUYS. Check out his absolute otherworldly stats from last night. Dude literally killed all of the baseballs.

CELEBS STOLE THE SHOW THO. While Stanton hitting steroid fueled moonshots all over Petco Park was impressive, the Celebrity Softball Game came down to a play at the plate. (!!!)

WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE WATCH THIS. Apparently, the MLB is considering having a Pitchers Home Run Derby in 2017. How fun, lets watch all 3 pitchers in the NL who can hit swing and miss at wiffle ball pitches.

ALSO CHRIS BERMAN. It wouldn't be the Home Run Derby without Berman sounding like a broken record of "Farmyard Tunes: The Chicken Coop".