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The Mid-Morning Dump: Pie in the Horse Edition

Snoop Doggy Dog!

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Iowa State Football

BARNETT UPDATE. The QB who orchestrated 2011's massive upset of Oklahoma State, Jared Barnett, talks his current life and a bit about what went down during that game five years ago.

RUNNING BACK BREAKDOWN. Mike Warren is obviously the guy at RB for ISU, but who will be behind him?

Iowa State Basketball

GRINDIN'. According to Matt Thomas, Solomon Young is, "The most put-together freshman I've seen in a long time." He came to Iowa State in great shape.

NADER MVP? Some writers are wondering if Abdel Nader has been the best NBA Summer League performer so far for the Celtics.

Around the Country

AL STARS AT ALL-STAR GAME. The AL defeated the NL 4-2 in the MLB All-Star Game to secure home field advantage in the World Series.

ROGUE SINGER. A member of a tenor group changed the words to the Canadian national anthem to support the "All Lives Matter" movement. His decision drew negative reviews.

FAREWELL, BIG PAPI. David Ortiz left his final All-Star game to a standing ovation and hugs.

THE OPEN = THE BEST. Here's why the British Open is the best major championship in golf.

FAREWELL, TIMMY D. Spurs coach (and certified badass) Gregg Popovich got a bit emotional when giving his goodbye to Tim Duncan.

WHITE CHOCOLATE. In case you were wondering, Jason Williams can still make defenders look foolish at age 40.

WHICH ONE ARE YOU? Take the "Which Christiano Ronaldo ab muscle are you?" quiz!

CUBBIES = LUCKY? Stephen Colbert seems to think so, as he rubbed Jake Arrieta, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo for good luck.

FAST MONEY SNOOP. Taken from Celebrity Family Feud...