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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/18/16

Pokemon has even taken over MMA.

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Iowa State Basketball

MONTE WINS! Monte Morris capped off his CCL season with a championship.

DUNK CITY Y'ALL. Want to see Deonte Burton and others throw down (but mostly miss) some dunks at the CCL competition?

NO WORRIES FOR NAZ. Naz Long sprained his ankle on Friday, but he's not worried about it being nagging.

Iowa State Football

BACK TO HELPING ON THE FIELD. Mitchell Meyers has been in inspiration during his recovery from cancer, but he's looking to help on the field this fall.

FIRST DEPTH CHART IS BORING. Zero surprises here.

Around The Country

VICTIM BLAMING IN FULL FORCE. Amelia Molitor, the woman Joe Mixon punched, says that she was blamed almost immediately after the incident.

SUBBAN'S ALREADY MAKING FRIENDS. What better way to endear yourself to your new city of Nashville than wearing a cowboy hat all the time and singing Johnny Cash?

THAT SIMMONS GUY IS PRETTY GOOD. Ben Simmons is impressing everyone during summer league.

POKESTAMPEDE! A Vaporeon appeared in NYC and people freaked out.

POKEMON IS EVERYWHERE NOW. A Bellator fighter threw a Pokeball at his downed opponent.

TOO BUFF. Johnny Miller dumped on Rory McIlroy for being too muscular.

POPS DUNKS. Gregg Popovich is in NBA 2K16 now.

NACHO BALL. Even if the baseball is covered in nacho cheese, it's still an out.

DOES THE NFL HATE BALLERS OR NOT? NFL is saying they never called Mark Wahlberg to complain about the show.