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Iowa State Big 12 Media Days Round Up

Sights, sounds, and the whole kit and caboodle from the 2016 Big 12 Media Days in Dallas.

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Unfortunately WRNL doesn't employ a real staff of writers so no one was able to attend this year's Big 12 Media Days in Dallas. However, thanks to this fabled new thing called the "internet" we were there in spirit and kept a close eye on today's proceedings.

Below we have a rundown from the big players in Dallas: head coach Matt Campbell and the three amigos: Allen Lazard, Kamari Cotton-Moya, and Joel Lanning.

Important Dates

Lost in the shuffle of media days is the fact that Iowa State's Training Camp Central is live on and gave us two key dates for August. Fall camp opens on Thursday, August 4th with the local media day following on Tuesday, August 9th.

Matt Campbell

Like the rest of the coaches, Campbell spent some time on the podium this morning talking about the program. You can find the video on and the full transcript of his time on the podium here.

Not sure if he flexed on Kingsbury or not...

Allen Lazard

Kamari Cotton-Moya

Joel Lanning

No, Just No

Around the League

Bob Bowlsby kicked things off with his annual address about the state of the conference and the question and answer session boiled down to two things: What the hell happened at Baylor and what is Bowlsby going to do about it, and talk of divisions and a conference championship game. As you can imagine, Bowlsby tried his hardest to fumble handling responses to the first issue:

But let it suffice to say as it pertains to all of our institutions, we are very committed as a group of ten schools to eradicating sexual assault on our campuses. It almost goes without saying that when you combine alcohol and drugs and raging hormones and the experiences of 18- 22 years old, it's probably unrealistic to think that these kinds of things are never going to happen. But we certainly want to make sure that from the center we do everything we can to ensure that they are minimized, if not eradicated.


For those interested in all of Bowlsby's remarks, including the possibility of divisional play as early as 2017, here is the full video:

Meanwhile coaches punted on commenting about Baylor themselves...

And finally, this is currently Mike Gundy's hair...