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The Mid-Morning Dump: Big 12 Media Days Are Here!

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Iowa State Football

KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. Chris Williams chimes in with his thoughts on the Cyclone offense: GIVE LAZARD THE DAMN BALL.

MOYA'S BACK. TELL A FRIEND. ISU's star safety Kamari Cotton-Moya is back, healthy, and could be better than ever.

LANRAM IN COMMAND. Uncle Randy put together a nice piece outlining that, finally, this team belongs to Joel Lanning.

Big 12 Media Days

HOOOOOO DADDY, OUR COMISSIONER IS BROKEN. Bob Bowlsby opened his mouth, and a lot of the things he said didn't make any sense:

Bowlsby on the image of the Big 12.

Bobby on sexual assault at Baylor University.

Secret Bowlsby transcript leaked by WRNL staffers.

READ IT ALL RIGHT HERE FOLKS. Here's a nice little recap of day 1 of Big 12 Media Days.

DAY 2 MEANS MOAR MEDIA DAYZ. And that means the potential for more fun/stupidity from Big 12 representatives. Here's what you should look forward to on day number dos.

MEDIA DAY FAVORITES. Besides Bob Bowlsby calling Baylor's new coach "Al" instead of "Jim".

Dude ripped his pants, so he went with jeans.

Anddddddd Gundy showed up with a mullet.

ME EITHER BOOGIE, ME EITHER. DeMarcus Cousins apparently doesn't understand the Kings' past NBA Draft strategy, much like the rest of the galaxy.

YEA I DON'T THINK SO. Check out this article highlighting 9 MLB players who should be traded, but probably won't ever actually get moved.

DUFFY THE SECOND SHOOTER ON THE GRASSY KNOLL? Royals pitcher Danny Duffy fired a magic bullet pitch. Literally. It hit the batter, catcher, and the umpire.

THOUGHFUL GIFT FROM TIM DUNCAN. As a retirement present, Timmy D left current Spurs teammates with a very thoughtful and practical gift.