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Baylor Head Coach Jim Grobe Denies School Colors

Recently hired Baylor Head Football Coach Jim Grobe had quite the press conference this morning at Big 12 Media Days after denying otherwise irrefutable facts about the school.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this morning newly installed Baylor Head Football Coach Jim Grobe had his first Big 12 Media Days press conference. It didn't go so well and to say his opinions of Baylor's current school colors were surprising would be an understatement. Below is an excerpt from the press conference:

Reporter from Oklahoma: Jim, so much has been made about Baylor's multiple uniforms and the variations and modification to the traditional green and gold color scheme. Could you comment if this will continue under your tenure?

Grobe: Well now, I have to push back on that and tell you those are not the colors of Baylor University. We don't have colors called green and gold at Baylor University. I thought Holly and I had a hard time picking our living room wall colors, but it turned out alright, but anyone's that's had a wall or two to paint understands that when you have over 100 different colors to choose from it's going to be more difficult.

Reporter from Austin: So ... Baylor's colors are not green and gold?

Grobe: Our equipment guys haven't told me that our colors are green and gold, no janitorial staff has come to me and talked about greeness or goldness, no random boater has come off the lake to tell me the colors are green and gold so they're not. Now certainly if someone gave me that sort of information I'd immediately act on it. I have no problem making palette corrections if necessary, but I have not been told that by anyone.

Reporter from Ames: But you do know how it appears to outside observers right?  The colors appear to be green and gold.

Grobe: No, they are not. The most important things for our program is that our players can wear our colors proudly, and that they remain unsullied by things like grass stains or mustard.

Reporter from Waco: So ... you plan on changing the school colors?

Grobe: The school colors will remain unchanged. They are not green or gold. We don't have a problem with our school colors at Baylor University.

Reporter from Lubbock: Will you replace anyone in Marketing?

Grobe: No one from Marketing or anywhere else will be let go, they have no part in this. There is no relation to the color palette we wear and the departments that design, approve, and market our products. There are no problems with the current colors.

Reporter from Morgantown: What are the school colors again, Jim?

Grobe: The school colors are Purple and White.

Reporter from Ft. Worth: Uh... wow... Ok, but you as a reasonable person can see how they appear to be green and gold, right?

Grobe: No, no I cannot.  They are obviously purple and white and there is nothing wrong with them.  Thank you for your time.

Members of the media quickly took to twitter to voice the mood in the room:


Whenever Grobe comes to his senses and admits there's a color blindness problem at Baylor you can be sure that WRNL will be there to cover it.