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The Mid-Morning Dump: Expansionpalooza Edition

Hope you're not sick of expansion talk yet!

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Iowa State Athletics

MAN WITH A PLAN. The O-line may be a weakness for the Cyclones this fall, but Matt Campbell has a plan.

IOWA STATE MADE THE TOP TEN. For 3-star DB recruit Cedric Dort.

RECLASSIFICATION. Lonnie Johnson, 2016 DB recruit is reclassifying to the 2017 class. Slow news day.

NEW SCOUTING DIRECTOR. Iowa State has reportedly filled the Scouting Director position after John Kuceyeski departed for Cornell.

BACKCOURT BUDDIES. Donovan Jackson is nearing 100% health and having Monte Morris alongside is only helping.

Big 12 Expansion

GREAT FOR IOWA STATE. Chris Williams is back from Big 12 media days and jotted down his thoughts on expansion.

COACHES LOVE COUGARS. Not sure if Big 12 coaches really want the Houston and BYU Cougarsas they voted in this poll, or if they just love older women.

STILL THE BOSS. Texas apparently changed their stance on expansion, but they still pull all the strings.

ONE TRUE EXPANSION. Big 12 needs to either expand or risk being left behind.

Around the Country

THIS COUNTS AS SUMMER NEWS. Julian Edelman hit a home run over the Green Monster during batting practice.

BAYLOR IS BAYLORING. Former Bear Shawn Oakman has been indicted by a grand jury for second degree felony sexual assault.

AT LEAST THEY'VE GOT LEBRON. And he just might be the best quarterback in Cleveland of the last two decades.

NINE SEEMS LIKE A SOLID NUMBER. Just in case you were wondering what the nine biggest questions were heading into the MLB trade deadline (I was not.)

COULD THE JAYHAWKS BEAT THE PELICANS? Cheick Diallo couldn't consistently crack the Jayhawks rotation, but managed to sign a 3-year deal with the Pelicans anyway.