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WRNL Graphs - Big 12 Coaches

Numbers suck right? I know, I'm right there with you. They hurt the brain, cause math to occur, it's a real pain. But what if there was a way to see numbers as pictures? "Yay!" you say, everyone loves pictures! Well friends, it can happen, let's do Big 12 graphs!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

There are over nine coaches in the Big 12, and by the time you read this there may be even more. Old ones, young ones, 40 year old ones that are also a man, it's nearly impossible to keep them all straight. But don't worry, WRNL is coming to your rescue with an easy pictorial guide to the Big 12 Coaching web of mystery.

The Bill Snyder Ratio

snyder ratio

No coach in the history of football has ever been as old as Bill Snyder*. While still a very good football coach, Bill is very very aged, like a fine wine, but much much older. In fact it would take nearly 2.2 Matt Campbells to equal Snyder's advance years.

*probably not true

Percent Wizard


But also - Bill's a damn wizard.  Ask any Texas or Iowa State fan, Bill Snyder is a wizard. It's unbelievable.  We compiled the above data to show how his wizardry compares to rest of the conference.

Career Games Coached

career games

Is this whole thing going to be about Bill Snyder? No, but actually he does win this round too - though Bob Stoops and newly-minted Baylor coach Jim Grobe are long tenured as well.  In fact, half of the league's coaches have over 80% of the conferences career games coached.  In the Big 12 there's no middle ground, you're either new, or you've been around forever.

But what about Ties?


I know, right?  Who has all the career ties?  In the never-ending chess game of college football, pigeon feeders Jim Grobe & Bill Snyder rise to the top with 1 career sister-kiss a piece.  Will anyone ever unseat them? Probably not.

Who Wins All the Games?


Oklahoma.  Oklahoma wins all the games.  Although new ISU coach Matt Campbell performs admirably (having no games as ISU coach yet does help).  Actually the whole conference does pretty well, with nearly all head coaches exceeding 45% ... nearly all.

Wow. Can you display that Kansas statistic in some other meaningful way?