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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cubs Get Chapman, Rio Trouble in Brazil

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Iowa State Football

ISU 1, BAMA O. And yes, I'm talking about something football related. Mississippi safety/athlete Kam White

ENGINEERS TALKING ABOUT ENGINEERING THINGS. The JTS expansion was not only a fantastic addition from a competitiveness/aesthetic perspective, but has also created a better fan experience.

Iowa State Basketball

MONTE MORRIS SHOWING OUT. Big "Camp" Tae, who is participating in the Nike Basketball Academy, is apparently killing it.

Around the Country

IF YOU LOVE THE OLYMPICS. You probably shouldn't read this article, which discusses the supposed disaster the Olympics have always been.

NOT SO FAST NEW YORK. Derrick Rose thinks the Knicks are a super-team. Oddly enough, everything going right still doesn't mean they'll make the playoffs.

BRACE YOURSELVES, BAYLOR. The worst is yet to come, according to Penn State coach James Franklin. Can the Bears learn from the Nittany Lions?

WWE THINGS HAVE HAPPENED. Apparently some WWE things happened and I don't understand this sport but felt obliged to include this article.

THIS IS HOW WE WILL BEAT THE RUSSIANS: They will beat themselves! The Russian Olympic contingent could be cut to only 40 members due to doping.

OLYMPIC SLUMS VILLAGE DISASTER. Thus far, only 12 of the 31 athlete's village buildings have passed safety inspections. This is fine.

-1 POINTS FOR CHINA. DeAndre Jordan absolutely murdered this shot attempted by an unsuspecting Chinese basketballer. In fact, I think they took a point away from China.


MASTERFUL TAPE JOB IMO. Some crafty White Sox fan altered his Chris Sale jersey to make it appear to be a ripped jersey taped back together. Amazing work, friend.

CUBS TO GET CHAPMAN. The Chicago Cubs, in an attempt to create a impenetrable bullpen, have acquired Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman.

GREAT WORK FROM THE RINGER. The title speaks for itself: The Aroldis Chapman Trade Should Make You Feel Uncomfortable.

MJ SPEAKS OUT. The perennial voice of professional basketball, Michael Jordan, has finally spoken out about the the recent violence and racial tension in America.