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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/27/16

Iowa State Football

CHASE ALLEN IS INDESTRUCTIBLE. Sure, he has 103 new stitches, but other than that, cars don't affect him.

"DON'T PUNCH A WALL." Sound advice from Allen Lazard, talking about his comeback from a broken hand.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? highlights the former players vying for NFL roster spots this fall.

Iowa State Basketball

ALMOST THERE. Donovan Jackson is about a month away from returning to full basketball action.

Around The Country

SO WHAT'S THE MWC THINK OF THIS? The Mountain West's take on Big 12 expansion.

KENTUCKY WON A NATIONAL TITLE... IN FOOTBALL? It's true, and they have a showcase for it!

EAST CAROLINA MAKES THEIR PITCH. East Carolina wants the Big 12, and has made no secret of it.

OLYMPICS SCRIMMAGE. Kevin Durant was welcomed to his new home, while Demar DeRozan tried a contest 360 dunk in game.

MESSI IS BROKEN. Lionel Messi is coming back to play for Argentina, but his sadness caused blonde hair.

I'M WITH YOU, CHRIS! This fan totally agrees with Chris Sale's hatred of the Sox retro jerseys.

AND JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT. James Corden has the best parents.