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The Mid-Morning Dump: Camp is Coming

Legitimate talk about offensive and defensive line rebuilds is happening! Yay?

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Iowa State Football

REBUILDING INSIDE OUT. The offensive line has to be rebuilt with only one returning starter on it, but the good news is Matt Campbell and Tom Manning have a plan.

THE BIGGER REBUILD. The tougher of the two rebuilds will be that of the defensive line where there are bodies, but little experience.

BOBEK HOPEFULLY HELPS. Grad transfer Brian Bobek discusses his trials and tribulations that eventually led him to Ames for his final year of eligibility.

WHERE HOBBS BE. CycloneFanatic catches up with former Iowa Stater, and NFL, cornerback Ellis Hobbs III.

Around the Country

BIG 12 + 2. No this isn't an expansion article, but more so how the Big 12 is a two horse race between Oklahoma and TCU.

BAYLOR PREVIEW. Mothership's Bill Connelly makes a football only preview of the Bears.

HOUSTON-OU. A potential future Big 12 matchup? The two square off in Houston in Week 1 and here are five reasons to watch.

HE'S NOT A KICKER, FOLKS. The Vikings have an issue with their 3rd string quarterback trying to kick in a door and cutting himself in the process.

BUT HE'S NOT A COWBOY, EITHER. Deadspin tells us why the Dallas Cowboys absolutely suck.