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The Mid-Morning Dump: Fourth of July Weekend Aftermath

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Iowa State Football

WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT YOU? Uncle Randy takes a look at the 10 football players Iowa State cannot live without, and there just might be a kicker on that list?

ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN. It appears that the Cyclones, led by stars on the offensive side of the ball, are trending upward. HYPE HYPE HYPE!

Iowa State Basketball

MOAR HYPE HYPE HYPE. Even though it's only rec ball the Cap City League, there are still some things that can be learned about individual players. And so far? Things are looking good.

CAN PROHM RECRUIT THOUGH? Actually, that title has little to do with this story, which is about how the Cyclone's plan to attack the live recruiting period.

Around the Country

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS? More like "If you can't beat them (with a 3-1 lead), join them". That's right, Kevin Durant has joined the Golden State Warriors.

KEVIN WANTS A 'SHIP. Will the Warriors win 74 games any time in the next two years with KD? No. Will KD have a better chance to win a title? Probably.

NO CRYING JORDAN RUSSELL WESTBROOK? Maybe it's too soon for grief, but Russ appears to be taking the KD news just fine.

PEOPLE IN OKC ARE NOT TAKING IT WELL, HOWEVER. There's already been plenty of vandalization, burning of jerseys, and tears of sadness and rage.


TOO SOON GUYS, TOO SOON. Anyone else think the KD Chicken special sounds tasty?



THA FIRST PITCH GAWD. American gymnast Simone Biles through out a decent first pitch when you consider the fact that she did a front flip (!!!) while throwing it.

#JUSTSOCCERTHINGS. This guy opened a bottle of beer with a bicycle kick. I don't watch soccer, but I'm guessing that this feat is somewhat amazing.

MUST HAVE ASKED A BROWNS FAN ABOUT TAPING A JERSEY. Hawks fans: Have you lost Al Horford and don't know what to do with your jersey? This guy has a solution!

SPEAKING OF TAPE... A New York Knicks player had to use duct tape on his summer league jersey because his team was too cheap to buy a jersey with his actual number.

JOHN CENA, THE GREAT AMERICAN PATRIOT. If you want, you can see John Cena's cool patriotic video by clicking here.

WHEN FOURTH OF JULY GOES WRONG. An Iowa woman was killed over the weekend when her homemade cannon exploded.

PUBLIC TELEVISION, DO BETTER. PBS showed beautiful scenes of fireworks over the Capital, but neglected to tell viewers that the footage came from shows from previous years...

COULD THEY SEE THE FIREWORKS THROUGH THE SMOKE? Apparently some fireworks stared fires in Colorado, meaning for the first time in years, something besides the people of Colorado got blazed.