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The Mid-Morning Dump: People Jumping Out of Planes Without a Parachute Edition

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No parachute? No problem.

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Iowa State Football

POLLARD TELLS ALL. In an interview with JP Money, Chris Williams discovers that expansion (or a lack thereof) hinges on the Big 12’s grant of rights.

STRENGTH IN THE SECONDARY? We all assume it is, but is Iowa State’s secondary the best part of its defense?

14 MONTH JOURNEY. Running back Sheldon Croney has had a long journey to get back to contributing after suffering a gunshot wound just over a year ago.

FAN FAVES. Regarding expansion, three teams keep being mentioned when Uncle Randy talks to fans.

Iowa State Basketball

WE MADE IT! ...into point guard McKinley Wright’s top five teams.

Around the Country

AT LONG LAST. Golfer Jimmy Walker had been on the verge of capturing a major before, but finally got his first yesterday at the PGA Championship. Also of note...

SIR, YOU FORGOT YOUR... Jumping out of a plane at 25,000 feet without a parachute doesn’t sound like fun to me, but this guy did it and didn’t die, so what do I know.

GETTING OUT OF HAND. Recruiting announcements are getting out of hand when high school guys start committing to their own high school.

THE WALKING DREAD. DeAngelo Williams and his wife love "The Walking Dead" so much they had a zombie-themed wedding.

TAKING CANDY FROM A BABY. Pretty much the same as MJ, Derek Fisher and Chris Paul "taking shoes away" from these children.

SUPERHERO BASEBALL POSITIONS. Wanna find out which positions Marvel superheroes would play on the baseball diamond? Here you go.

SPINNY! You gotta see the amount of spin on this ping pong shot to believe it.

NOT ONE... NOT TWO... The Nationals pulled the first 3-3-5 triple play in MLB history.

X-MEN APOCALYPSE HISHE. For anyone who saw the latest X-Men movie, check out this "How It Should Have Ended" video.