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The Mid-Morning Dump: Vomiting All the Media Day News

Leadership! Position battles! Expectations! It all comes spewing out!

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Iowa State Football

MEDIA DAY CENTRAL. John Walters and the crew at Cyclones.TV have all of your media day coverage in one location.

CAUTIOUS OPTIMISM. Coach Campbell wants fans to be pumped, but he realizes things won’t change overnight.

DUKING IT OUT. A number of positions on ISU’s roster have ongoing position battles.

ROSTER ANALYSIS. Tommy Birch takes a look at Iowa State’s potential strengths and weaknesses on the roster.

EXPANSION RUMOR. Could some West Coast schools be who the Big 12 brings in for expansion?

O-LINE UNPROVEN. There’s little tape on Iowa State’s projected O-line. That is cause for concern for Coach Campbell.

HIGH EXPECTATIONS. With playmakers at the skill positions, ISU’s offense rightfully has high expectations heading into the fall.

LEADER LANNING. Joel Lanning is the man at the QB position, which features a few young guns.

SEELEY CENTERPIECE. The linebacker product out of Perry is set to be one of the big parts of the Cyclone D.

UNLEASH THE BEAST. Getting your 6-foot-5 playmaking wide receiver involved more is never a bad thing.

BUSINESS, MAN. Demond Tucker is all business in 2016.

CAN HE WIN? As Mike Hlas points out, Matt Campbell joins Nick Saban, Urban Meyer and Brian Kelly as coaches who won games in the MAC.

Iowa State Basketball

IN EARLY. Iowa State got in early with 4-star wing Terrence Lewis. That paid off when he committed Tuesday night.

Around The Country

USA! USA! USA! The United States added more medals to their count in the swimming pool.

GYMNASTIC NEAR-PERFECTION. The US also won gold in all-around team gymnastics competition, and Simone Biles was predictably incredible.

PHELPS DA GOD. Michael Phelps tied a 2,168-year-old Olympic record last night.

DAT HONOR CODE. turning out to be a problem for BYU in Big 12 expansion.

GREEN AS GRASS. The Olympic diving pool turned from blue to green overnight... Why?

REBEL HORSE. Just watch as it channels its inner Rage Against The Machine and says, “FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME.”

GREAT TECHNIQUE. Buster Posey literally slid into third base head-first.

ENGINEERS = AMAZING. This tow truck gets the job done FAST.