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The Mid-Morning Dump: Media Day Hangover Edition

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You got all the surface information yesterday, today’s the day for a deep dive.

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Iowa State Football

THE BONDS...THEY ARE DEEP. Just in case you’re not fully hyped about the current coaching staff, here’s Rob Gray with a feature that will make it so.

KANE SEELEY. There are a lot of question marks around Iowa State’s linebacking corps heading into the 2016 season, but that doesn’t shake Kane Seeley’s confidence.

TRANSFER U. Jared Stansbury takes a look at how Matt Campbell is following the Fred Hoiberg route in this feature on the new head man of the Cyclones.

STOLEN EQUIPMENT. The Cyclones.TV equipment was “borrowed” during media day, so this happened.

LONE VISIT. Iowa State recruit is standing true to his commitment by only taking one official visit.

Iowa State Basketball

NEW RECRUIT, NEW ROLE. Iowa State’s newest recruit takes a look at what he expects his role to be when he makes his way to Ames in 2017.

Around the Country

SHOCKER. Gregg Marshall is out here doing his best Larry Eustachy impersonation, during a preseason Canada.

DUNK CITY. Florida Gulf Coast is out here training to deal with Big 12 referees after finishing a game in the Bahamas with only three players.

PICKED OVER FRANK MASON. Projecting Team USA with college basketball players is a great exercise and picking Monte Morris over Frank Mason is a solid choice.

UNLIMITED TOGETHER. Nike, Team USA and Chance the Rapper got together and made this dope video, which is cool I guess.

MOAR TEAM USA. Well they beat the Aussies last night, but it wasn’t as easy as you would expect.

SUPER CONFERENCES TO THE RESCUE. The guys over at The Land Grant Gauntlet have a proposal that could save some great college football rivalries and put conference realignment to bed once and for all.

REST IN PEACE. 2016 continues to be a tragic year for celebrity deaths as John Saunders passed away yesterday. Rest in peace, John.

EARLY MORNING DRINKING. The English Premier League is starting back up this weekend, and if you need to get caught up, The Ringer has you covered.

THAT IS NOT HOW YOU DO IT. Perhaps this guy should just leave catching baseballs to the professionals.

HURRICANE HOLGO. West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen was on the Weather Channel this morning and your guess is as good as mine as to why.