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The Mid-Morning Dump: It's Michael Phelps' World & We're Just Living In It

The titan of swim breaks a record that's over 2,000 years old by leaving the field in his dust last night. Plus Iowa State Football and stuff.

Iowa State Athletics

2ND STRING AIN'T NO THING. The talk out of camp is who will be spelling Mike Warren this season, but the coaching staff seems fairly confident the need can be filled.

DBS VS THE BIG 12. We wrote some words about how Iowa State's defensive backfield stacks up against the rest of the Big 12.

4-2-5. Want to know more about the 4-2-5 defense and how it'll look on the field in Ames? We have that too!

INTERVIEWS! Camp interviews are updated at with a new one from wide receivers/special teams coach Bryan Gasser.

YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE WHO THEY MEAN. This one Iowa State guard is wanted by coaches on their team!

SAINA 5TH. Former Iowa State star Betsy Saina ran a personal best in Rio this morning and finished 5th in the Women's 10,000M run.

Big 12 Expansion

17! The Big 12 could expand by 17 teams! Ok, not really, but 17 teams have publicly petitioned Bowlsby for admittance to the conference.

KEEPING TRACK. The mothership tracks who has flirted with the Big 12 today and years ago.

HOUSTON BUILDS A WALL. To keep their recruits in the city, at least that's what some Big 12 coaches believe will happen.

Around the Country World

PHELPS IS BASICALLY A COUNTRY. Michael Phelps won the 200M IM last night in convincing fashion and broke a 2,168 year old record in the process. If Phelps were a country his 22 gold medals would rank him 39th.

BILES IS GREAT TOO. Simone Biles crushed the field yesterday and won the Gymnastics All Around by a record margin.

THE NEXT ROUSEY? Kayla Harrison became the first woman to win two gold medals at half heavyweight in Judoand did so by submitting her opponent with under 10 seconds remaining.

FIRE THIS GUY. An announcer on CBC thought it was Ryan Lochte that smashed the field in the 200M IM last night.

AWESOMESTRONG. Doping or not, Lance Armstrong was still an awesome racer according to this piece.

DON'T TRADE UP FOR A KICKER! The Buccaneers and Eagles played last night, and the kicker the Bucs traded up to the 2nd round for missed his first career extra point.

WENTZ DEBUTED TOO. Carson Wentz had his coming out party in Ames two years ago and now he's in the NFL. He didn't do too shabby either.

I WANTED LYNCH. Dallas missed on Paxton Lynch in this year's NFL Draft, but the Broncos didn't and here's a good throw from the rookie last night.