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Allen Lazard Will Rewrite The Record Book at Iowa State

Eric Church isn’t the only one that’s going to have a record year.

Toledo v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

When Allen Lazard’s playing days come to an end, he will leave Ames as the best wide receiver in school history. Move over Todd Blythe, Lane Danielsen, Tracy Henderson, and Otto Stowe. Your time is up. Lazard’s time is now.

Those four guys hold the bulk of Iowa State receiving records for now, but when Lazard is done, he will have rewritten the record book. There are a few records that Allen Lazard probably won’t touch, like Henderson’s 16 catches in a single game. It would also be hard to match Blythe’s four TD catches in a game. Henderson’s 217 receiving yards in a game is also probably safe, but who knows?

Besides those freakishly huge performances, pretty much everything else is within reach for Lazard. He’s already on pace to break a number of records, and it’s likely that his production will increase as an upperclassmen.

Lazard’s 101 catches, 1401 yards, and 9 TDs through two seasons are solid, especially considering he played as a true freshman. Lazard’s talent is obvious, but shaky quarterback play, a questionable offensive line, and an overall poor offense has held him back a little bit, and he’s still put up impressive numbers.

It’s hard to predict Lazard’s production this season, with a new coaching staff, a stud running back, an exciting, but unproven quarterback, and many questions on the line. Still, Lazard is expected to make a huge jump this year. Even just a slight increase in production puts him in line for a few records, and if Lazard has the season so many expect, then plenty of records could fall.

1. Consecutive games with a reception

Lazard is essentially a shoo-in to break this one. He’s already tied the record with 23 straight games with a catch. Barring an injury (god forbid), Lazard should be the sole owner of this record after the UNI game on September 3. Sorry, Otto Stowe, but holding the record for 45 years is long enough.

2. 100-yard receiving games in a season

It blows my mind that Iowa State has gone 32 seasons without someone having more than five 100-yard receiving games in a season. Henderson’s 1983 season is still leading in this category. Maybe my mind has been warped from all of the video game-like numbers that have been put up, but it seems like someone should have broken this by now. Lazard has the best chance of anyone to do it.

3. Most consecutive 100-yard receiving games

Again, Henderson’s 1983 season remains supreme here with three straight consecutive 100-yard games (Jim Doran had three straight in 1950, too). Sign me up for Lazard having 100 yards against UNI, Iowa, and San Jose State. If he can squeeze in a 100-yard game against TCU in the middle, then the record is his.

4. Receiving yards in a season

Lazard had 808 yards last season, which puts him in a good position to break this record. Lane Danielsen currently holds the record with 1,073 receiving yards in 2002. There’s questions with the offensive line, who knows what Lanning’s season will be like, and Mike Warren will get the ball a lot, but Allen Lazard has an NFL body and needs to get the ball thrown his way early and often.

5. Touchdown Receptions in a season

Iowa State has never had a receiver catch double digit touchdown passes. This is 2016. Todd Blythe (twice) and Quenton Bundrage share the record with nine TD catches in a season. Lazard has nine career TD catches, but I’m drinking the Kool Aid. He’ll get 10 this season (or next).

Career records:

- Lazard has 101 catches through two seasons, and if he sticks around for two more he should break the career catches record easily. Blythe had 176 catches in his career, so Lazard is already on pace to break that.

- Lazard also has a good shot to set the record for most 100-yard receiving games in a career. Henderson, Danielsen, and Blythe all have eight career 100-yard games to lead the way. Lazard is sitting at two right now, which is pretty underwhelming, but a few this year and a few next year, and this record is well within reach.

- Lazard’s 1401 receiving yards through two seasons is just under record pace. Blythe ended his career 3,096 yards. Assuming Lazard’s production goes up the next two seasons, which it should, this record should also be Lazard’s.

- Lazard would need 11 touchdowns in each of the next two seasons to tie Blythe’s career TD record, and while possible, that seems less likely than the other. But hey, it’s Allen Lazard’s world and we’re just living in it. Rewrite that record book.