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Jake Campos Likely Done For Season with Leg Injury

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Iowa State’s offensive line just took a major blow.

Charlie Litchfield/The Register

Iowa State’s offensive line will now need to go another direction.

Jake Campos, Iowa State’s best returning offensive lineman, is likely out for the season after suffering a serious leg injury in practice this weekend. Tommy Birch first announced Campos’ injury last night, and Chris Williams verified the news this morning.

WRNL sources indicate the early diagnosis is a broken leg. More details should be released soon.

With depth already an issue on the line, Tom Manning will have his work cut out for him even more. Expect more news to surface soon on potential position shuffling to cover for the new gap up front. Matt Campbell and Manning take pride in their offensive line, so trust that they will find the best fit for the situation.

The incoming staff was excited to have Campos fully healthy and ready for camp, and he was said to be making major strides this fall. If healthy late in the year, it's possible that Campos could return.