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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/15/16

Usain Bolt is still amazing.

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Iowa State Football

CAMPOS MIGHT BE DONE? Jake Campos suffered an injury and may be out for an extended period.

YOUNGBLOOD SHINING. The absence of a couple of starters meant Saturday’s scrimmage was a good time for some underclassmen to show out.

ALL DAY KANE. Kane Seeley’s name is all but written in pen for the starting middle LB position.

#PUNTERU THINGS. Colin Downing won’t be celebrating his holds like Austin Fischer did last year.

Around The Country

USAIN IN THE MEMBRANE. Usain Bolt became the first man to medal in 3 Olympic 100M races.

USAIN IN THE BRAIN. As if being the fastest man ever wasn’t enough, he did it in his trademark showboaty yet likable and fun style. Also, the celebration of his win caused JFK airport to be evacuated.

SMASHED THAT RECORD. Wayde van Niekerk blew away the field to beat Michael Johnson’s 400m record.

1000 TODDLERS COULDN’T MAKE YOUR LOCAL POOL THIS GROSS. Rio officials had to replace all the water in the synchronized swimming/water polo pool.

MEANWHILE... Ryan Lochte was robbed at gunpoint in Rio. Sidenote: Of course Lochte would say “whatever” with a gun to his head.

NO PUNISHMENT FOR SOLO. Hope Solo isn’t going to face any reprimand for her unsporting comments about losing to Sweden. Probably because Pia Sundhage already roasted her.

THE ARMED FORCES ARE GOING OREGON. Navy, Air Force, and Army are all getting some pretty cool helmets.

WHO ISN’T APPLYING? Here’s a look at the 17 schools who have applied for Big 12 membership.

KAINE PANDERS TO SPORTS FANS. Tim Kaine says that he will attempt to bring back the Border War.