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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/16/16

Who’s Replacing Campos?


Iowa State Football

WHAT’S THE SOLUTION? Bobby La Gesse examines how Iowa State will deal with the loss of Jake Campos. Oh, and so does some guy named Ben who might know something about OL play.

FRESH MEAT. Looking at which of Iowa State’s freshmen will have a chance to play immediately.

FAN FEST SUNDAY! If you want an intro to the hype train for the season, Cyclone Fan Fest is this Sunday at the Bergstrom Football Complex.

Iowa State Basketball

SUMMER FUN. Solomon Young and Jakolby Long came to campus early to get acclimated to college play.

Around The Country

CINCY’S GOLDEN. The Read Option thinks Cincinnati is in great shape for Big 12 membership.

GOLD MEDAL DIVE. Sure, it’s not in the gross outdoor diving pool, but a good dive can win you a gold in the 400M, too.

10 YEARS LATER. Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky recreated their famous photo from 2006 in reverse.

I WOULD HAVE GIVEN IT A 10. The diving competition sometimes end the same way as your backyard diving attempts do.

LOOKING FOR A NEW ATHLETE TO HATE? Why not take up Premier League watching and hate Diego Costa?