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The Mid-Morning Dump: Help Pick Iowa State's Entrance Song!

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Iowa State Football

EVERYBODY STAY CALM! WE NEED TO KEEP OUR COMPOSURE! Does losing Jake Campos suck? Undoubtedly. Is it time to panic? Not so fast...

HE'S GOING TO BE THE STARTING MAN IN THE MIDDLE. If you didn't sing that headline like the Michael Jackson song, I'm truly disappointed. In other news, Minnesota graduate transfer Brian Bobek is locking down the center job.

WE WILL SURVIVE, WE WILL SURVIVE. More musical headlines! Uncle Randy says that despite the loss of Campos, the 'Clones can survive. I sure hope he's right.

YOU BETTER READ THIS F'ING ARTICLE. Puns abound here at WRNL. Check out this excellent piece detailing the new F position on the Iowa State offense.

CROOTIN' THINGS. Iowa State commit, instate linebacker Jake Hummel, has made the Iowa 8 football team.

Iowa State Basketball

MORE CROOTIN' THINGS. Iowa State has made the top 6 for the services of Darius McNiell, a highly touted 3-star guard.

SCHOLLY CHARTS ARE FUN. Wondering how the Cyclone basketball roster looks for the upcoming season?Fansided is here to help.

Around the Country

SMOKE ON THE WATER IS DEAD, LONG LIVE ______. Iowa State needs a new entrance song, and WRNL is going to pick one. With your help of course.

REAL HELPING OUT REAL. Katie Ledecky is a boss a** swimmer, but even she didn't know how to wear so many medals at once. Luckily, half man half dolphin Michael Phelps was there to help.

BELLLLLLLLY FLOPPPPPPP. Check out this epic belly flop in the 3m springboard at the Olympics... that was done by the defending world champion.

JR SMITH UPDATE: DUDE STILL A BALLA. JR Smith, who is enjoying his NBA title summer victory tour, is in Amsterdam. While there, he showed great appreciation for a piece of art... but only because it appears on the box of some Dutch Masters gas station blunts.

BIG 12 EXPANSION POWER RANKINGS. While ranking fan bases is the only true way to evaluate expansion candidates, it appears someone created an honest power ranking for them.

OLYMPIC RECAP. Miss anything from day 11 of the Olympics? CBS has got you covered.

MEDAL COUNTER. Needing a little pick-me-up on this Wednesday morning? Check out the Olympic medal counter...

DIVING... IN TRACK? Yep. Its a thing that happened. And it's happened before.