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The Mid-Morning Dump: The $1 Edition!

Can’t wait to find out what’s in the gift bag at the Dollar General Bowl!

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Iowa State Football

WAR MACHINE. Rob Gray takes a look at how Iowa State’s stud running back, Mike Warren, made his way to Ames.

STABLE OF BACKS. Warren is playing mentor to the young Iowa State running backs, and they’re turning some heads in camp already.

THE FUTURE. Can’t get enough material on Iowa State’s young backfield? You can read even more about it here.

BOBEK ALSO MADE THE TREK. Hear the story of how Iowa State’s new starting center made it to Ames after a couple stops in B1G country.

DLC 2016. Darius Lee-Campbell made the switch from quarterback to receiver and the transition has been smooth so far.

EMBRACING CHAOS. Matt Campbell and Co. have taken note about how Iowa State handled adversity last year and they’re addressing it in practices.

BEHIND THE SCENES. Tyson Veidt is next up in the behind the scenes series of the ISU football coaches.

Iowa State Basketball

HAPPY MONTE, HAPPY LIFE. Monte Morris has made peace with his decision to return to school for his senior season.

TOP 6. 6’7” forward, Aamir Simms, out of Virginia has listed Iowa State as the ‘dark horse’ school in his top 6.

LARD IS COMING. The Cyclones’ final piece of the 2016 recruiting class will finally be in Ames this week as the fall semester draws near.

Iowa State Track & Field

BOR FINISHES 8TH. Former Iowa State track and field star Hillary Bor took 8th in the steeplechase at the Olympics.

Around the Country

TEAM USA. USA Women’s Basketball is once again dominating the Olympics and are making their case to be the new ‘Dream Team’.

BLOGGERS PICK THE NEW BIG 12. The mothership asked the Big 12 blogs to select the expansion teams for the new Big 12. No thanks Kansas, we’ll pass on North Dakota.

THIS IS A REAL THING IN 2016. The GoDaddy Bowl is no longer and has been replaced by the Dollar General Bowl. Bet there’s some real goodies in those gift bags!

THIS STORY GETS WEIRDER. Brazilian police want Lochte’s passport held, but he’s already back in the US. The two other swimmers that were said to be with him during the robbery? They’re being pulled off planes. A British Olympian is also reported to have been robbed at gunpoint.

NEYMAR IS FAST. Neymar scored the fastest goal in Olympic history, just 15 seconds into their game against Honduras.

YOU TELL THAT CAT. An Omaha man ate some brownies he found in the back seat of his car and took it out on the family feline.