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VOTE: Joel Lanning's New Nickname

We have waited too long. The nicknames must be decided upon.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I asked y’all to submit your best nicknames for the likes of Lazard, Warren, Lanning, Tucker, and Coach Campbell. If you need a refresher of the rules and peruse the submissions in the comments, click here.

We didn’t receive any submissions via Twitter or Facebook, which gave me a little bit of a sad, but I thought I’d highlight the Facebook comments that were oh so helpful (names of the fun hating rogues have been BLACK BOXED):

All we wanted to do here at WRNL was get the pulse of #cyclONEnation about nicknames for most popular football people. But Robin and Lee here, have ideas of their own. Robin is aghast at the idea of giving these football men nicknames. How could he?!? Iowa State football needs wins! No way can we as a fan base come up with fun, cool, and good nicknames for these popular football people without wins. NO WAY. And the vast majority of two people seem to agree.

Lee here, also seems to agree with Robin The Taste-Maker. Iowa State Football needs to prove itself before any joyous word-play can be had. Or perhaps this is just Lee’s nickname submission? If so, he didn’t specify for whom! Not a very fun or intimidating nickname though. SUBMISSION DENIED.

And sorry Larry, you were the best of us.

But anyways, LET’S VOTE.