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The Mid-Morning Dump: Quick Feet Edition

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Joel Lanning's footwork is up to Footloose levels!

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Iowa State Football

COTTON EYED JOE. The secret to Joel Lanning's improved passing? His footwork.

LANRAM STILL LIVING. Coaches want Joel Lanning to take a more conservative approach to his scrambles. While Joel agrees, we still would like to see him truck the occasional Texas linebacker.

SWIM SURPRISE. The players went swimming/belly flopping yesterday.

CAN HE CATCH ON? Josh Lenz is impressing the Houston Texans in training camp and even caught a few passes in their first preseason game.

The Olympics

THE LOCHTE TIMELINE. The New York Times has probably the best breakdown of the whole Ryan Lochte "didn't really get robbed but instead pissed on a gas station wall" timeline.

BOLT, EATON, OR PHELPS? All three men cemented their statuses as legendary Olympians in Rio.

POOP OR NOT? Did this Olympic race walker poop himself? You be the judge.

USA VS SPAIN. What everyone thought would be the gold medal game in basketball will actually be a semifinal match up this afternoon.

WHAT 2 WATCH. Take today off and watch the Olympics, or just stream at work.  You're already not doing anything.

2 POINTS! Yeah, that's a solid takedown.

Around the Country

BRISTOL BECOMING A STADIUM. After this week's NASCAR race Bristol Motor Speedway will begin its transformation in to a football stadium for the Tennessee vs Virginia Tech game in September.

BLUE CHIP RATIO. How close is your team to contending for a national title (don't both clicking on this, it won't matter for us).

BRUINS-AGGIES. An under the radar matchup in Week 1 features UCLA vs Texas A&M and their opposing, yet somehow complementary styles.

DOINK. Punt hits kicker in head. Kicker gets concussion. Kicker sits out a game. Fin.