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Five Reasons for Pessimism for this 2016 ISU Football Team

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Now that you had sunshine pumped up your you-know-what, here is why you should always sneak a cold beverage or simply a flask into every game.

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Yesterday we talked with the glass half full, and today we go with half empty.

There are a lot of new faces on the coaching staff and on the field. Will any of these stud transfers turn into success stories?

Campbell has taken a flyer on quite a few (he loves his defensive backs), and there will have to be a few that hit.

But it takes time to develop and teach these 18-22 year olds.

And if you have ever heard Coach Campbell talk, his vision of success is to do things the right way, and that doesn't happen overnight.

Here are FIVE reasons to be not so optimistic about the 2016 Season

Offseason Attrition

It probably didn't sound that big of a deal when it happened. But when you sat down on your couch this spring, checking twitter on your phone and saw that Luke Knott was retiring from the game --€” you said, meh, we will be alright. Then Levi Peters calls it quits. And so does Daniel Burton.

Then Jordan Harris left. And Jauan Wesley.

Just a few weeks ago, Darius White decided to hang it up.

It may not have looked like a severe blow losing a backup defensive end. But he was in his fifth year with this program. In fact five of those six names I just mentioned were slated to be senior leaders, all with a chance at contributing and making a significant impact on this season.

Four and sometimes five years of time and effort that it takes into developing a kid the right way is hard to measure. There will be times this year we wished we had an extra big body with the discipline and experience to play those roles. It may not be more than a few plays. But a few plays can change a drive, can change momentum, and can change the outcome of a game.


You are going to hear this word more than any other throughout the season, and it will be as annoying as that fat person in front of you at the state fair that is unable to breathe, eat and walk at the same time. You all know who they are.

There is a lack of reserve power at many positions, most notably in the trenches. The offensive line brings back one consistent starter, and even Jake Campos would admit that he struggled at times last season.

The starters are solid at most spots, but it is a matter of when, not if, injuries will take place. Until that time comes, make sure you always prepare yourself. And bring a flask into the game. In fact, yes, a flask is also necessary.

O- and D-Lines

To segue off the depth problem, our number one concern heading into the season is the offensive line. It is the engine that keeps the train rolling -- and Mike Warren running into the secondary. Luckily for us, we have the reigning Offensive Line Coach of the Year in Tom Manning. Hopefully he can turn this crew around and save Joel Lanning's jersey from a few too many grass stains.

Starring for the defensive line, we have Demond Tucker and his 3-man band. Obviously Tucker is the lead singer, but his backups and rest of the crew are undersized, inexperienced and a huge question mark. Let's hope we see a Jhaustin Thomas or Vernell Trent step it up.

Lack of Big 12 Experience

The day Matt Campbell was announced as the new football coach, I was somewhat excited. The more I listened to his vision and the way he carried himself, I jumped all the way in. But the coaching hires --€” I mean, no offense -- €”but you might as well have called us Toledo West.

Not to say that these guys can't develop, teach and coach their asses off. We have certainly seen what they can do on the road recruiting, and it has been a tremendous breath of fresh air that my Twitter feed is blowing up with sirens and thunderstorms. But at the end of the day, a lot of these guys have yet to experience a Big 12 level atmosphere. Sure, some of them played a few big dogs at Toledo, but not week in and week out. It is a different grind when you go from game planning Baylor to Oklahoma to Oklahoma State.

Let's just hope these guys have a large supply of Advocare to get them through it all.

Strength of Schedule

The Big 12 prides itself on having "One True Champion," and that involves a round-robin schedule with a plethora of perennial powerhouses. Add in Iowa, and ISU is guaranteed a top-10 spot in one of the toughest schedules each and every year. I'm not making any excuses, its just the way the cookie crumbles.

It is hard for anyone to win 6 games with that schedule, even if this year, the back end of the schedule is pretty weak.

You have to win the games you are supposed to win, and Paul Rhoads failed to do that. Hopefully the Campbell regime can change it.