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The Mid-Morning Dump: Fake Andy Reid and Real Kam White

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Iowa State Football

ISU 1, BAMA O. And yes, I'm talking about something football related. Mississippi safety/athlete Kam White committed to the Cyclones yesterday, choosing the 'Clones over the likes of Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.

You also might wanna check out his 247 page... Ya know, in case you still can't believe the news.

RANDY LOVES SLIPKNOT? Check out Uncle Randy's conversation about the Cyclone's entrance music, sports, and music with Iowa native and Slipknot member Chris Fehn.

NEED TO SLOW THE HYPE TRAIN? These 5 reasons to be pessimistic about the upcoming season might do the trick. Or you could add another cup of sugar to the CMC/ISU Kool-aide.

Iowa State Basketball

PROHM CLIMBING MOUNT MCKINLEY. The Cyclones are hot on the trail of 3 star PG McKinley Wright, and are scheduled to get his first official visit.

HOW DOES HILTON STACK UP? Check out this FanPost from Gookin, where he power ranks the MBB arenas in the Big 12. The results may/may not surprise you.

Around the Country

BIG 12 TAILGATE TIME. If you haven't yet read graphikdeCYner's article about the Big 12 teams (and expansion candidates) as tailgating food, you definitely need to.

FAKE ANDY REID IS AMAZING. Andy Reid had a fake Andy Reid stand in for him at a press conference, and the resemblance is uncanny. I'm still not convinced the look-alike wasn't Frank Calliendo in costume...

THIS LIST IS COMPLETELY NECESSARY. Ever wondered who the greatest fictional movie QBs are? Now you finally have an answer to this very important question.

WAIT WUT. Apparently Usain Bolt has never run a mile. Ever. In his life. How is this possible?

NOT SURE IF JOKE OR REAL. Tim Duncan has a LinkedIn page, and odds are it's better than yours. This has The Onion written all over it...

POOR PERFORMANCE PLAGUES POLARIZING PUIG. Yasiel Puig was not traded, but his play led the Dodgers to send the supremely talented yet troubled Puig to the minors. What's next for Puig and the Dodgers?

TIN FOIL HATS FOR EVERYONE. The Detroit Lion's Larry Warford quit playing PokemonGO over concerns of... mind control?

TRADE DEADLINE. The MLB trade deadline has come and gone. Who were the winners and losers?

OLYMPIC BASKETBALL STUFF. Are there any threats to Team USA Basketball in the Olympics?