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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/22/16

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The Olympics Are Over, Football Is 12 Days Away!


Iowa State Football

FROM CHEMO TO STARTING. Mitchell Meyers has worked so hard in his comeback that he may be starting against UNI.

FINALLY HEALTHY. Brian Bobek hopes that his string of bad luck with injuries is over and he can contribute heavily.

PEAVY’S SHADOW. D’Andre Payne is buddying up to Brian Peavy, and the results are showing.

A WELL TRAVELED WALKON. Kyle Kempt is used to being all over the country, so being all over the depth chart is an easy transition for him.

Iowa State Basketball

UH OH. Iowa State is still missing some Lard on the roster.

Around The Country

LAST CHANCE U. If you haven’t watched the show on Netflix yet, check this article out and you’ll probably want to.

SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST. After some scares in the prelims, Team USA threw up a great performance to smash Serbia for gold.

AMERICA PROBLEMS. Team USA can’t get a handoff right.

JOHNNY FABULOUS. Johnny Weir’s various Olympic outfits are just amazing.

JUST FINISH IT. Add some candidates, Big 12. Just do it.

NOT AS COOL AS HE THOUGHT. Yankee minor leaguer hits it out of the park, smashes own truck windshield.

NEYMAR DELIVERS. The oft-maligned Brazilian soccer player got his country an Olympic gold.