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Big 12 Preseason Power Rankings: Quarterbacks

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Baker Mayfield leads the charge for quarterbacks in the Big 12.

Capital One Orange Bowl - Clemson v Oklahoma Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

We felt like doing some rankings at quarterback and possibly giving Kansas a hard time. The latter shouldn’t be hard to do...

There are a lot of good quarterbacks in the Big 12 right now. Many are going to light it up. While some, you may have a hard time remembering.


1. Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

Why wouldn’t you put this guy at number one? He threw for 3,700 yards and 36 touchdowns in year one with Oklahoma. Now, in year two, he is atop many Heisman frontrunner lists. With Oklahoma poised to make another run at the College Football Playoff, expect Mayfield to be leading the charge and putting up big numbers along the way.

2. Seth Russell, Baylor

Coming off a neck injury sustained in the Iowa State game, Russell looks to pick up where he left off. With some great weapons returning on Baylor’s offense, while staying healthy as well, Russell should put up big numbers and maybe even boost himself up into the Heisman talk. He will be one of the bright spots for Baylor as their downward trend will begin after this season.

3. Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech

Mahomes burst onto the Big 12 last year and many expect him to be even better this year. I had a hard time deciding on if he was number two or three. Russell and Mahomes could ultimately have the same type of season. Mahomes, who is only a junior, could easily be sitting at number one this time next season. Expect to see many great plays in Lubbock out of this guy.


4. Kenny Hill, TCU

We all saw what Kenny Hill can do to defenses in his one year at Texas A&M, but his inconsistency led him to lose the job. Now this year, word is that presumed backup Foster Sawyer is pushing him for the starting job. Assuming that Hill keeps his spot atop the depth chart, the Horned Frogs could once again have a high flying offense to complement their defense.

5. Skyler Howard, WVU

Howard has been trending up since late in the season last year. He is firmly holding on to the starting job and with all the speed coming back to WVU at receiver, Howard could be in for a big year that could ultimately save his coach’s job.

6. Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State

The only reason I put Rudolph this low is due to John Kolar potentially making a push for the starting job. Rudolph was in and out of games last year, splitting time with J.W. Walsh, so we know he can play at the position. Just a matter of if he starts or not.

7. Shane Buechele, Texas

All we have been hearing is that this kid has talent. I would rank him higher, but he has yet to even take a snap in college. He will have a big test right out of the gate against Notre Dame. If he folds, Charlie Strong’s seat may just get a little warmer. Plays well, and Texas could rise to prominence again.

8. Joel Lanning, Iowa State

I’m sure most of you reading this wish Joel could be higher. Eight isn’t that bad. We will really know what we have in Joel after a full year under Matt Campbell. Hell, who knows, maybe next year we may see him in the top 5. If he can help Iowa State score more points than previous years, I do not see a problem in his stock rising.

Who are you?

9. Jesse Ertz, Kansas State

Ertz was named team captain in the spring and he hasn’t even played a down for the wildcats. He has to be a big locker room guy, but can he lead KSU to wins? Word is that Alex Delton is also pushing to start, but come the first game, expect Ertz to be out there.

10. Ryan Willis, Kansas

They use quarterbacks at Kansas? Ryan Willis finished the year at quarterback for Kansas and didn’t necessarily play bad, but he definitely didn’t help get them close in games. We should see an improvement from him this year, but that shouldn’t be hard considering they never scored over 20 in games he started in 2015.