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The Mid-Morning Dump: Where in the World is Cameron Lard?

Cut the Fat... Where’s Lard?

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Iowa State Football

UNCLE RANDY PREDICTS! If you’re wondering how much to stoke the fire powering the Coach Campbell hype train, you’d better check out Uncle Randy’s predictions.

IOWA STATE’S STRONGEST MAN. Grad transfer and likely starting center Brian Bobek is apparently the strongest guy on the team. But he just joined the team, didn’t he?

THIN POSITION EVEN THINNER IN CAMP. Iowa State’s linebacking corps, a group that’s thin to begin with, is battling injuries and illness in fall camp. Sounds like they need to fatten up a little...

Iowa State Basketball

WHAR’S THE LARD. SPEAKING of fat, has Lard’s delayed arrival cooked the Cyclone’s bacon?

THIS GUY IS GOOD. Check out Lard’s recruiting profile here.

Around The Country

OH NO, CANADA. Some lovely Americans, who were attempting to float down the St. Clair River and get rip-roaringly polluted, ended up getting blown over to Canada.

WHAT IN THE NAME OF JEFFERSON DAVIS IS THAT THING? The Denver Nuggets’ Wilson Chandler caught a fish large enough to have its own zip code.

THE NFL IS HERE (!!!). Well, it’s just the preseason, but close enough! Therefore, check out week 2’s winners and losers.

BELLLLLLLLY FLOPPPPPPP. Check out this epic belly flop in the 3m springboard at the Olympics... that was done by the defending world champion.

I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS SPORT. Apparently some things happened at WWE SummerSlam 2016, so here’s some stuff about it. SummerSlam sounds like what you do on a warm afternoon with a case of warm Natty’s.

RYAN LOCHTE DONE IN BY ANGRY CABBIES? Apparently the only reason the Ryan Lochte “story” (is this reallllllly a story, folks?) broke because a reporter couldn’t catch a cab.

WHO’S NEXT? Which city really wants to host the Olympics next? There’s probably quite a few of them.

THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE JUST SCREAMS AMERICA. The Olympic’s TV ratings were down, and some think it’s because America is just too good at winning medals.

BASEBALL IS STILL HAPPENING. Don’t believe me? Do you follow any Cubs fans on Twitter, or have you muted them all? Anyways, here’s some power rankings.

THIS GUY IS A BAD BAD MAN. You may not follow UFC, but you should still probably recognize the fact that Conor McGregor is one heck of a story.